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Focusing your search: Location, budget, size and the nitty gritty too.

We always say there has to be a push and a pull to drive a successful house move. This may be a move from city to country, from a smaller to a larger house, from a compact garden to more outside space, from needing to be near the office to being able to work remotely or releasing funds from your current property by opting for something in a lower price bracket.

At the root, you need to feel propelled from where you are and drawn to the new spot, to have the urge to achieve your new lifestyle goals, for a house hunt to be successful.

Once you understand your motivations, you’re in a better position to focus your search with purpose in mind.

There’s no point buying a pretty home in the wrong location. Too far from your work, too long a school run or too difficult to achieve the life you want (from access to hobbies to ensuring people actually come and visit you) and the attractive house can become a burden.

You also need a clear idea of your budget with all the extras accounted for - ongoing maintenance and heating bills, the cost of travel to work, school or to see family and friends, holidays, after school lessons and club memberships, pension pots or investment goals - whatever’s important to you.

And size matters, although not in the way you might think. Buy what you'll grow into but not more than you can look after. A growing trend we've seen is bigger is not necessarily better. Larger houses have bills to match but these days we also generally need a corner to work from at home in as well as enough bedrooms and entertaining space, so it’s a case of finding a balance.

The trick – if you don’t want to get stuck down a search rabbit hole or make decision-making difficult - is to spend time thinking carefully about your lifestyle before you start looking at housing particulars. You could try a tool like a life wheel to help you, or simply write out your priorities in a list. The more clarity you have about your reasons for a house move the more efficient - and enjoyable - the whole process will be.

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