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Why Use a Buying Agent?

Cotswold property

It pays to have a property professional acting in your best interests.

The property market is a daunting place. Whether you are relocating your entire family for work or education opportunities or taking the next step in life and downsizing, when taking on such a substantial purchase it pays dividends to engage with a professional buying agent such as Otters Home Search.

Read on to discover the myriad benefits a property buying agent will deliver...


Saving Time, Energy & Stress

Otters Home Search filters properties creating a shortlist of the best suited locations. This approach helps you reach your dream home faster and without days of hassle driving around the West Country. By using OHS to manage your entire property purchasing process, they take care of the tricky negotiation stage and more, saving you time and stress, and very possibly funds.


Understanding the Property and the Seller

To secure a deal, it is crucial to achieve a sale price that all parties are happy with. OHS undertakes in-depth research on your desired property and its seller. This places you in a stronger negotiating position by establishing what offer the vendor will be willing to accept.


Unrivalled Local Knowledge

Nothing can beat the inside knowledge of a local. Otters Home Search prides itself on having lived experience when it comes to their current homes in the West Country as well as knowing exactly what it takes to achieve the move from the London to a life in Bath and the Cotswolds. 

Their inside knowledge provides you with insights on specific destinations, lifestyles, schools, culture and local amenities which are above and beyond the scope of most agents. 


Experienced Negotiators

The negotiation stage requires specific skills, knowledge and expertise, all of which Otters Home Search has acquired with over 40 years’ combined experience in the property industry. They will always work with only your best interests at the fore to ensure the best purchase price, a swift sale and a smooth move.


Access to Off-market Properties

Through their extensive professional and personal networks, OHS will give you access to properties in highly sought after locations that are yet to come to market. This places you ahead of the competition and increases your chances of securing your dream home.

Cotswold property
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