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Our Property Services

Bespoke Home Search Consultancy and Property Brokering Services

Otters Home Search is dedicated to helping buyers reach their property potential and achieve their dreams with a new life in the West Country.

We are experienced property professionals and residents in Wiltshire and the Cotswolds, having spent our childhoods in Somerset and Bath, so know these locations intimately allowing us to find the right house for you at the right price, first time.

From the outset of your relocation journey, Otters Home Search will engage with you, really taking the time to understand fully your specific requirements. Considering everything from your preferred location, budget, educational needs, and stage in life, to your favourite architectural style and the kind of community you would like to be part of, we will uncover the aspects of your life that will make a house your home.

Otters Home Search takes the lead throughout the property purchase negotiating on your behalf, and only use other trusted professionals to undertake surveys, conveyancing, removals, renovations, insurance brokering, and more as your circumstances dictate. 

We act in your sole interest and are always independent of the seller and their agent. With Otters Home Search as your dedicated property brokering partner, our professional experience and knowledge will level the playing field for you in what is currently very much a complex market.

Francesca & Abbie



We know this part of the world inside out, so let us show you around. The orientation tour will cover areas you wish to see and some hidden gems you are yet to discover. This is available before signing up to the home buying service detailed below.


During the tour we will provide an insight into the local market, including availability, pricing and lifestyle influences. Tours last for around 4 hours and include a light bite at a convenient eatery. We collect you from Bath/Chippenham/Kemble train stations or elsewhere by arrangement. We can accommodate up to 3 people on the tour and can provide car seats for little ones.


Cotswold Cottage

Stage 1

Understanding your criteria and starting the search

At the outset of our partnership, we will spend plenty of time with you in person or over video call to understand fully your top priorities. We will then provide you with initial advice on core locations or types of properties we feel would suit you best. The search can then well and truly commence! We use our extensive networks to seek out the best possible options, previewing all properties to be considered, and researching all aspects of the property and its surrounding area to ensure it matches your criteria precisely.

Timeframe: 2-6 weeks is normal, but this stage can take up to 12 weeks.

N.B. Please note, we will undertake ID and proof of funds checks at this stage.


Stage 2

Identifying a front-runner and securing your property

With a shortlist of properties for you to consider, we’ll view them together. Once ‘the one’ has been identified it’s time for the delicate art of negotiation. This isn’t just the price, but also the terms of the offer. Our professional experience enables us to secure not just the best purchase price, but to also secure a ‘fair offer’ for all parties – this helps to ensure the purchase has the best possible chance of completing smoothly and swiftly. 

Timeframe: 2-6 weeks or it could be a few hours!


Stage 3

Project managing the conveyancing process

Now it’s really time to roll up our sleeves once your offer has been accepted! Often a lengthy and somewhat arduous process with a lot of legal and financial leg work, Otters Home Search takes the clear lead here using our professional knowledge and expertise to keep everyone and everything on track to hit the target completion date. At this stage and as your requirements allows, we will engage with trusted professionals from surveyors to solicitors, removal companies to interior designers.

Timeframe - 12-16 weeks is normal although this period can extend if there is a long chain.

“What we paid in fees we recovered in time and price negotiated. We couldn’t have done it without the expertise of both Abbie & Francesca!”

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